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Low power bioimpedance semiconductors

Our 1kHz to 1MHz – 1Ω to 2kΩ proprietary ASIC enables a wide range of applications




On-chip solutions for wireless healthcare applications.

Offers accurate non-invasive cardiac, hydration, pneumology, body composition and other readouts.


Non-destructive real time measurement of salt content, water activity, fat profile and otheer redouts for in-line or hand-hel applicaticons.

Success Stories implemented for BioQ.


Non-destructive real time measurement of water and nutrients content for intensive agriculture applications.


Development kit

A ready to use HW & SW bioimpedance development kit based on our proprietary ASIC, WiFi, Bluetooth, UART communication options

Interface & measurement probes

Design, development and testing support for specific application

Custom-built Solutions

Microelectronics and electronics custom design for small or large batches


1kHz to 1MHz –  1Ω to 2kΩ low power (µW) proprietary bioimpedance ASIC


We are a microelectronics engineering company with proprietary technology that allows the development of innovative applications in health, food, agriculture and other markets.

We offer industry, academia and research state of the art low power bioimpedance on-chip solution to cope with present and future market needs.

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